Ralph and Rick

We resent it so you don’t have to.

Text Box: The Rest of the Cast
That Guy & What’serface

Michael Latimer (David Marchand, above) graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, which tells you something. He also starred in Man of Violence and had regular or recurring roles in a few British TV series.

Carol White (Gido, the one who throws the chicken) was a promising young actress in 1967, having made a name for herself in television plays Cathy Come Home and Up the Junction, but her career fizzled.

Yvonne Horner (First Amazon, above) played Ullah in One Million Years B.C. We just wanted to point out that her name was  Horner.

Sydney Bromley (Ullo, or as we affectionately call him, “creepy old guy”), has more than 60 film and TV credits to his name, spanning 1945 to 1987, including The Fearless Vampire Killers, Dragonslayer, The Neverending Story and An American Werewolf in London.

Louis Mahoney (Head Boy—don’t blame us), has had a long career that includes guest starring roles on Doctor Who in the Tom Baker and David Tennant years, as well as a chance to tranquilize John Cleese on Fawlty Towers.

Steven Berkoff (John) made a name for himself playing villains in Octopussy, Beverly Hills Cop, and Rambo, and is sometimes cited as one of the stars of Prehistoric Women despite having only a few lines and appearing in just one scene.