Ralph and Rick

We resent it so you don’t have to.

Featuring: Vincent PriceAgnes Moorehead!  A villain who looks nothing like a batMurder, larceny, odd New England accents and 1950s women in their nightgowns, including Darla Hood of the Little Rascals! All this and frightfully little else is yours in this Allied Artists production.

Mystery writer Cornelia "Talentless Hack" Van Gorder rents a country house for the perpetually gloomy soundstage summer. Little does she realize that her lease allows for a constant flow of unintelligible police chiefs, bat-obsessed doctors, elbow-packing butlers and interchangeable female characters in and out of the place.

A horrendous murder by a maniac with claws on his glove does nothing to assuage her annoyance.

Video on demand: $3.99

DVD: $9.95

“Ralph and Rick resent… THE BAT” is available in MP4 format for purchase through iRiffs.com, a Web site created by the former head writer of Mystery Science Theater 3000. The video features the original film “enhanced” by the resentful riffing of Ralph and Rick, suitable for enjoyment on your personal computer. 

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But wait! It’s also available as a DVD, with bonus features (for certain definitions of the word “bonus”):

* Choose between righteous riffs or bore-iginal audio!
* Learn about the towering talents behind "The Bat"!
* Thrill to the original the-bat-rical trailer!
* Chill to scenes from the semi-classic silent version!

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